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Your Swimming Journey

Stage 1:

  • Let’s get wet
  • Develop basic safety awareness
  • Learn to swim, float and glide with aids
  • Blow bubbles and submerge the face
  • Work towards swimming without aids
  • Jump in with assistant

Stage 2:

  • Let’s swim by ourselves!
  • Jumping in independently
  • Swim independently up to 5m
  • Float, glide and submerge without aids
  • Develop kick on front and back

Stage 3:

  • Let’s swim strokes!
  • Swim front crawl and back crawl up to 10m
  • Go under and retrieve an object
  • Push and glide and rotate

Stage 4:

  • Let’s get kicking
  • Kick 10 metres backstroke, front crawl, butterfly, and breaststroke
  • Perform a sequence of shapes

Stage 5:

  • Let’s get skilful
  • Develop confidence in the deep end
  • Perform three different shape jumps into deep water
  • Push, glide, and swim 10 metres backstroke, front crawl, butterfly, and breaststroke

Stage 6:

  • Let’s dive in!
  • Perform a surface dive
  • Develop coordinated breathing, swim all strokes with at least six rhythmical breaths
  • Understand water safety, perform a ‘shout and signal’ rescue
  • Swim 10m with clothes on, swim 25 metres (optional stroke)

Swim England Learn to Swim Complementary Awards

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