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Intensive Courses

What are intensive courses?

Our intensive courses are a block of swimming lessons in one week and follow the same framework as the Learn to Swim Programme.  We also run Stroke Specific courses to work on a specific movement and stroke throughout the week. Swimmers work with the same teacher allowing for continuity.

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What are the benefits of the courses for the children?

  • Through repetition and constant swimming, we often see swimmers improve significantly throughout the intensive courses
  • Continually practising or being in the water has a huge impact not only on the progression of the swimmers learning but also on their confidence in the water
  • Our intensive courses are great for those swimmers who are new to swimming and want to gain confidence quickly or those who are close to moving up a stage
  • With 5 lessons in one week, we often see swimmers move up a stage that would usually have taken them 5 or 6 weeks to complete
  • For our higher stage swimmers, constantly swimming throughout the week sets them in good stead to join club swimming. With Taunton Deane, swimmers can often swim up to 16 hours a week and so through our intensive courses, swimmers build up the stamina and confidence to jump straight in with the club.

What is the cost, and what does the cost include?

The cost of a week’s intensive course is: £35.00.

The price can differ and is subject to change.

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